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Wayne County

Fighting for Wayne County

Since 2005, the United Way has continued its grassroots movement in Wayne County to raise funds specific to programs and services that directly benefit Wayne County residents.
With your help, the United Way works everyday in Wayne County to improve lives by funding programs and special initiatives that get to the heart of problems and create lasting change.
In excess of $550,000 in grant funds has been distributed to more than a dozen community organizations organizations providing critical services in the county. But the impact of the United Way in Wayne County is even more far-reaching as we’ve leveraged those dollars with direct and in-kind services such as educational tax credits, VITA, the Gift of Warmth and more for a sum total of approximately $1.2 million in the last decade.
And you can be assured that while your contribution goes far — it does not go far away. 
All funds raised in Wayne County stay right here to serve the needs of Wayne County residents. Join us in fighting for the education, financial stability and health of everyone in Wayne County.