Vroom - Brain Building Tips to Boost Children's Learning

Did you know the first five years are when a child's brain grows the fastest? Transforming Children's Futures - a community-wide collaboration to improve third grade reading proficiency - is pleased to offer Vroom to help parents, caregivers, early learning providers and others with simple activities to help make everyday moments with children from 0-5 into brain building moments!

Download the FREE Daily Vroom App in English or Spanish on your iOS, Android or Amazon device and get an age-appropriate Vroom Brain Building tip personalized for each of your children delivered right to your phone or tablet everyday. There's years of brain science and research behind every tip so you can help teach your child important life skills. Try a Vroom Tip.

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Helpful Tools and ResourceS
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Tip Cards (Downloadable .pdf files with brain-building tips by your child's age. These are just some of the 1,000s of tips available through the Daily Vroom App!)

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