Rosie's TIPS Story

For Rosie, the TIPS program was not only life-changing—it was life-saving.
Rosie is a member of the United Neighborhood Center’s West Scranton Active Adult Community Center and a regular TIPS participant. Last year, when Rosie’s TIPS results were transmitted, Donna Redmon, RN, TIPS Nurse and UNC’s Community Health Program Coordinator, noticed a problem immediately.
Rosie’s heart rate had begun to dip and Donna knew that this fluctuation was very unusual in Rosie’s case. The nurse quickly reached out to Rosie and urged her to share these results with her doctor. Rosie followed Nurse Redmon's advice. After a battery of tests, Rosie underwent a cardiac catheterization which detected two badly blocked arteries. Within 10 days of her abnormal TIPS readings, Rosie was admitted to Commonwealth Health Regional Hospital of Scranton for surgery to remove the blockages.
“I’m fine now, but if not for this program, it could’ve led to a stroke, a heart attack or God only knows what would’ve happened.” 
Rosie is now among our strongest advocates and makes sure to encourage everyone at the center to participate in TIPS!