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Q: Why should I give to United Way instead of another agency?
A: Supporting the United Way is the best way to make the greatest impact and help the most people. The United Way has the unique ability to bring people and resources together to invest in solutions for our community’s most critical needs. These solutions not only solve problems but actually work to prevent them.

The United Way adds value to every dollar you invest. By combining your gift with thousands of other generous donors, every dollar of your contribution is leveraged to provide more than 100 vital programs and services.

Community volunteers carefully review the programs provided by United Way’s network of 23 partner agencies. This citizen review process is what truly sets the United Way apart from other nonprofits and ensures that your contribution is invested in agencies that consistently provide quality programs and do the most good for all of us who call this community home!

Q: Who determines agency allocations?
A: Each year nearly 60 individuals, representative of the total community and themselves investors in the United Way, voluntarily hold budget conferences and visit the agencies to study the actual work of all partner agencies. Initial funding recommendations are then made and reviewed by the Board of Directors. VOLUNTEERS MAKE ALL FUNDING DECISIONS!!!

Q: Are labor and management both behind the United Way Campaign?
A: Yes, labor organizations and members work with management to make the campaign a success. All levels of business and labor are represented on United Way committees and the United Way employs a Labor Liaison.

Q: What happens if I give through payroll deduction and lose or change jobs?
A: When you use the payroll-giving plan where you work, deductions stop if you are laid off and only begin again after you are back on payroll. If you lose your job permanently, your deductions stop. Please note that there are a variety of services available to assist you through this difficult time. If you change jobs, please speak with the Human Resources department about beginning your pledge again.

Q: I work in Lackawanna County and live elsewhere - where do I give?
A: Many times individuals may work in one County and reside in another. Naturally a contributor is free to designate his or her contribution to the United Way of their choice. The process is simple. One need only to check the name of their United Way in the community in which they live and re-write it in the space provided on their pledge card. The United Way of Lackawanna and W